Wednesday, 6 January 2010


There are monsters out there
Who are not made up of letters,
And believing in make believe
Won’t make them forget us.

They inhabit their side,
And they long to get ours,
And ignoring their actions
Won’t weaken their powers.

Their ways are unclear,
But their vision is not;
If you’re out in the open
You’re bound to get caught.

And don’t scream for a saviour,
For no one will come,
As memories are longer
Than one summer’s sun.

So stay in your bedroom,
Better, under your bed,
And if something starts banging
Don’t raise up your head.

For their sight can bring blindness,
Though their voices can sooth,
And then overwhelm you
With the stale smell of booze,

Whilst their actions can fool you,
And convince you you’re safe,
So you’re much better off
Tucked up in your cave.

But remember requirements,
You’ve still got to eat,
So with big stick in hand
Exit your retreat.

And if you hear stirring
Halfway down the stairs,
Quick through the front room,
They won’t know you’re there.

In the kitchen and out,
Passed unmoving shape
Crashed out on the couch,
And make your escape.

Back up to your room,
And sleep all away,
Then wake up to the noise
Of your wedding day.

For there in the hallway,
Your new model bride glossed,
Who cares about bad luck,
She’s got you, you’ve lost.

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