Friday, 8 January 2010


Man in New York arrested in street,
For smoking cigar, Cuban.
Woman in Newcastle detested the heat,
Was committed, for sleeping, alone.

Boy in north London caught drinking,
In his bedroom, on bed, under cover.
Girl in LA was taught thinking,
Was harmful, to health, whilst moving.

Cat drowned in Wales was seen marking
His territory, a tree, in own yard.
Dog put down in Leeds had been barking,
At midnight, in kitchen, at burglar.

Husbands in Rome seen out swinging at night,
In the wind, with women, each others.
Wives in the home pulling strings in daylight,
With milkmen, moonlighting, as lovers.

Friends in Madras deported for stoning
A pantomime, bovine, pretending.
Enemies in surplus reported at home,
Marching slowly, in circles, descending.

Horses in sane lands seen demonstrating,
At conditions, and payment, and rations.
Carts in the rain stand berating,
Their owners, still reigning, the cash in.

Families in Yorkshire caught screwing,
The Social, for sickness, and health.
Strangers in England renewing,
After fleecing, their own lands, of wealth.

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