Thursday, 7 January 2010


He lived up on high and tended the needs
Of the wandering clouds and their coveted seeds.
Collected the strays and mixed in the folds,
Inflated the surface and casted the moulds.

He moved out the group to where want was most,
And dialled up the number of the holiest ghost,
In the hope that his favour would have time to spare,
And empty the contents therein to the air.

To fulfil the wishes of drought stricken lands,
And cover the clauses of natures demands;
Redeeming his own wasted life in the course,
And the hopes of the many nailed up with the cost.

His agreement stretched onwards before endless skies,
As he rested himself and his toil for a while,
Harvesting everything’s natural reserve,
And keeping the faith of the last living word.

Sun shone the rays down towards heavens Earth,
Fulfilling the terms of its only preserve.
Down falls the rain to accommodate man
As more are brought up from the land.

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