Thursday, 7 January 2010


Forget your righteous selfishness
And your reasonable moral response.
Forget your capacity for vindication
And endless years and months.

Forgo the running of the week
And the loss of advent mourners.
Forgo the weekend’s revelry
And Sunday speaking corners.

Forgive the hollowness of domes
And manifesto writers.
Forgive the horror its new home
And anarchist inciters.

Forsake any government its views
And never hurry for them.
Forsake the body next to you
And revel in their boredom.

Forever leave the bruised alone
And mend your own off switch.
Forever tend your broken bones
And sew your skins next stitch.

For God’s sake leave them all behind,
And leave what is in front.
For God’s sake keep what peace you find
Well sheltered from the hunt.

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