Thursday, 7 January 2010


Now before all the rise of nations
Has defaced the gilt of reformation.
Now before every act of mercy,
Every single fact of heresy.
Now before hollow souls of reason,
Skilled with words and tools of seasons.
Now before any face can notice
All the worth has left the showcase.
Now before the lonely Roman Empire rises,
Whose history commands the prize.
Now before all the fractures riven
Have bled the succour freely given.
Now before all the mystery intended
Is solved and humanity amended.
Now before Holy war commences,
And breaches everyone’s defences.
Now before one more life is ruined
And lost beyond the last un-doing,
And now before God, and all his minions,
Contrive to recreate opinions;
Now before you and the opening sea,
And here before me,
I know what is going to happen,
Listen, can’t you see it,
Closer, can’t you hear it?
In the clearing,
The beginning
And the end.

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