Saturday, 9 January 2010


I got recklessly legless,
Arse holed and parcelled home,
But was earnestly restless,
And breathless with deathly sweats.
And opposed to a parachute
I plummeted from altitude,
And impatient with institutes
I pursued the under used.
And inspired to inspect myself
I noticed a ne’er do well,
And a sensitive surgeon known
Was shell shocked when I went down.
I was instantly certified,
My vanity vandalised,
But still, institutionalised,
I started to sanitise.
And thoroughly though I fought
I still felt informal thoughts,
So friends fell about me,
And protected me proudly.
And I’ll repay the platitudes
Bestowed by the better few,
Who forever are faithful to
The impaled in view.
And before I befriended drink
I was wondering what to think,
But now needing nothing
I’ll give up giving in.

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