Friday, 8 January 2010


You should never get struck
By a train at sea,
Unless it’s run by the English;
For they are never too sure
Where their trains should be,
Or where they’re allowed to catch fish.

For the tables are fiddled,
Or never at hand,
As everybody’s resigned,
And it’s easier to blame
The men on the job
Than the rolling stock or the lines.

And lowly commuters
Stood around in the rain,
Leaning against borrowed wealth,
Look up at the weather,
And their fate again:
To arrive after everyone else.

Their taxes consumed
By repairs on the way,
As the work is never completed,
And the people to blame
Are not here today,
But their successors are just as defeatist.

For they’ll never defer to experience,
Or anyone with any idea
How to manage a competent service.
So our strains will increase,
And our fish disappear,
Whilst our caravans follow the circus.

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