Friday, 8 January 2010


Of late
I have fallen out
With two parties:
Myself, and
Everybody else.

And labour,
Those against,
Those in favour,
The distasteful
And the savoured,
The weakened
And full flavoured.

Those at sea,
Those in harbour,
In houses
Or in cardboard,
The sword
And the scabbard,
The arrow
And the dartboard.

The incumbent
And the heir,
The wife,
The au pair,
The elevator
And the stairs,
The fallen wish
And risen prayer.

The penthouse
And the basement,
The revelation
And encasement,
The resurrection
And ascension,
Forgotten truths
And re-inventions.

And so on
And so on
The list grows:
As endless
And worthless
As words
In the
Whole white world.

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