Friday, 8 January 2010


If I smell like a
Whore mongering,
Dope smoking,
Booze fuelled fool,
It’s because I’ve spent
Too long with you.
If I swell like an
Over eaten,
Meat beaten,
Pill swallowed mule,
Then I’ll compliment
Your schedule.

If I stall like a
Service shy,
Deflated tyred,
Ignition soiled soul,
It’s to be assumed
My engine’s cold.
If I fall like a
Sleep deprived,
Sense denied,
Newly born foal,
It’s to do with
The depth of my hole.

If I weep like the
Lonely eyed,
Running blind,
Underage accused,
Then it’s certain
That I’ve cruised.
If I sleep like a
Man daunted,
Day haunted,
Overdosed abuse,
Then you know
I’ve blown a fuse.

If I wake like an
Empty shell,
Ringing bell,
Salted open sore,
Then I’m never going to
Do this anymore.
If I make like a
Repentant man,
Preparing plans,
Intent on being a bore,
Then correct me, ‘cause
To your boat I’m the oar.

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