Saturday, 9 January 2010


A time for red faces,
And boiled kettle breath,
For white spider webs,
And short penguin steps.

A time for de-icing,
And rubber soled boots,
For whisky inside you,
And demands for warm suits.

A time for cold windows,
And salt on the ground,
But still careful people
Frequently fall down.

A time for the big fog,
And speed restricted,
When all laymen’s health
Is greatly afflicted.

A time for illusion,
And frantic releases,
When entrepreneurs
Can rake in the riches.

A time for invention
And patent importance,
For all good intention
Falling at the first fence.

A time for reunion
With loved ones again,
And distant confusions
Recalled with your friends.

A time for remembrance
Of old souls long gone,
Anniversaries falling,
As leaves on the lawn.

A time for new lovers,
And old ones at that,
Virgin snow covers
To fall in and out.

A time to be happy,
Or so say the crowd,
For old fashioned humanity
Crying out loud.

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