Thursday, 7 January 2010


We moved along the lines
That mirrored the opinions
Of the life and sundry times,
Until the furthermost thoughts
From our minds colluded, and
Overnight the war was fought.
The scope of the unlimited
Was strewn across the morning
Light, ashamed but uninhibited,
And found the road outside your door
More sympathetic, and without
The hindsight of remorse.
It took me up and raised a voice
“Continue on and through, and
Keep the band tuned to white noise.”
Without whose interference present
I would wander vaguely
Towards memories I’d resent.
For only in the turbulent everyday
Response is it possible for me
To think of nothing else to say,
And learn my life’s intentions
Without the hindrance of someone
Whose ambitions were invented.
I started stopping long ago,
Before I met her; before I
Met the previous ten or so,
But as this wondrous phase
Is withholding the appointments,
Before the first spring days,
The long lost will keep.

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