Saturday, 9 January 2010


Forever striding around each corner
And stumbling over every mourner;
Relearning trails of expectation
Whilst juggling with reintegration.

Mind the gap and fold the factory,
Spill the bean seed, snub reactionary;
Feed the faithful graceless starving,
Burn the dead and praise the calving.

Whatever happens just keep on digging,
Hold the walls without them giving,
And bleed a vein into a needle hole,
Until it burns and need unfolds.

Until the hedonism swallows
Every single peaceful horror,
In ground and sky and rock face sited,
Waiting here for all united.

And with their very latest targets
Telling others whom to harvest,
There’s more to rant about than heaven,
Now that fools are freely driven.

And on the corner of the standing,
An open elevator landing,
And on the corner of my striding,
Behold East, North and best West Riding.

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