Friday, 8 January 2010


Does time go more quickly if you
Wear the watch on the other hand?
It’s not proven,
But I think I understand;
Time does go more slowly
Once you get to know me.

Because one night it dawned on me,
When I had to watch it all again,
Don’t you see?
There you were, my old friend,
And her movements were sure
To attract you to her.

Now don’t let your memory regress;
By the time she has moved,
You’ll accept,
That’s she’s leaving you too,
And there’s nothing you’ve learned
That will make her return.

So we sit around this table, and talk of
The times we had with her,
And short of
Lying, we will always forgive her.
And dissect all the months and the years,
Whilst she begins, once again, somewhere near.

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