Thursday, 7 January 2010


Sometimes you appear just a little more than on,
Other times you are not even that.
Sometimes you veer from what’s due to what’s gone,
Other times you are in habitat.
Sometimes you move your mouth in time with mine,
Other times you are out of sync.
Sometimes you prove that speech is in decline,
Other times you say what you think.
Sometimes you amaze me with what you produce,
Other times you make nothing of note.
Sometimes you dismay me with what you let loose,
Other times you capture the quotes.
Sometimes you allow me to sit in your shade,
Other times you lay under my shadow.
Sometimes you endow me with bridges you’ve made,
Other times you pull up by the road.
Sometimes you dispel all the doubters of you,
Other times you remove only me.
Sometimes you can tell I would die without you,
Other times you accept I’d be free.
Sometimes you run up to the last intersection,
Other times you walk further on.
Most times you come back from its final direction,
This time you chose to stay beyond.

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