Thursday, 7 January 2010


How long will the present last?
The recent future,
The lately passed.
How much do moments hold?
A lifetime’s weight,
A death’s parole.

How strong can the secret be?
An instant spoken,
An eternity.
How can such knowledge harm?
By silent night,
By day’s alarm.

How wrong do the haunted feel?
As stone framed guilt,
As molten steel.
How touched our senses are.
And huddled close,
And scattered far.

Where does the present go?
If seen at all?
If not on show?
Where still moments appear.
In other worlds.
In places near.

Where was the secret kept?
At altitude,
At hidden depths.
Where will the knowledge lead?
To my demise,
To your proceeds.

Where goes the haunted end?
On my last day,
On you my friend.
And fill my touch with yours?
Where sky meets sea,
And sea meets shore.

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