Thursday, 7 January 2010


The sky was talking today,
But nothing beneath cared to notice:
They were involved in another debate
As to whether the Earth should be floated.

Afraid of the outcome at hand
The sky shut up shop and descended,
And disguised as a visionary man
Appealed to the world he defended.

But the Earth pursued another profit,
And a motion was pushed through the house,
So the sky returned home for to stop it,
As the vultures flew over the crowd.

The sky withheld all of its service,
And the sun went along with the strike,
And as brokers became slightly nervous,
The Earth was left only the night.

Then the moon joined the sky in the protest,
And the pressure on life was increased,
And when the share option was posted,
Not a body considered a piece.

So the sky began talking again,
And the creatures below craned to hear,
And before long the planet had learned,
That together there’s more atmosphere.

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