Wednesday, 6 January 2010


As panic buying stripped the shelves,
The stores began to shrink,
And tantric plying gripped themselves,
Their pores began to stink.
The animals kept themselves indoors,
Until packaged products failed,
Then man and all his metaphors
Was wrapped and highway mailed.

The creatures roamed with tumbleweed,
So planting was controlled,
Whilst features of the new were freed,
And frantically took hold.
The slavery was swift and true,
To the history of its name,
And bravery slid out of view
As sisters ran the game.

And as winter crept into its crib,
With lonely males malnourished,
The splinters drawn from Adam’s rib
Were the only ones who flourished.
Their bills were next day forwarded
To his last known address,
Whose hallways always flooded
With lists of gross excess.

And boys were left to calculate
The cost of affluence,
As toys used to emasculate
Were tossed in self defence.
The long emancipation held,
The chains and locks stayed cut,
And strong arms forever tried to weld
Their letterboxes shut.

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