Wednesday, 6 January 2010


The haves and the have lots went to war,
As few had some, but others more,
And having less than anything
Is worse than more than nothing.

The have nots fought amongst themselves,
But nobody could really tell,
As they used each other any way
As predators use prey.

The battle raged near and afar,
With paper cuts and plastic cards;
As interest rates rose all about,
Fresh lines were drawn and chiselled out.

The lesser mortals failed to score,
Or know what they were fighting for,
So, stopping once to raise a head,
Collectively went back to bed.

And eventually the fighting ceased,
For something like a western peace,
And wealthy elements were sure:
They should have joined against the poor.

So storming round they knocked them up,
And exported them to Europe,
And every exile seemed to cheer:
How better there than here.

And so the land had fewer souls,
Without the poor or the old,
And people had the room to breed,
But none could find the need.

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