Friday, 8 January 2010


Your screen time is about as long as this page,
So ready the stage
And the reading,

But beware that the size of the words is not fixed,
Their typeface is mixed
And misleading.

And a short word before a sentence commences,
And lengthy pretences

Interpretation is not the expected response,
So stop it at once
Before starting.

The language is established, and the grammar correct,
Although some of the text
Is old fashioned,

And whilst learning of lines and timing is essential,
So is the prevention
Of passion.

Though the pealing of age and the urgence of feet
Are captured complete
In the words,

Some remarks are reserved, because of the pace,
And whispered in case
They’re misheard.

But a point here or there could use emphasis,
Or it may well be missed
By the turning,

And the story conclude with out any end,
Or part to pretend
You’ve been learning.

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