Friday, 8 January 2010


I will lay on the sand until it turns into glass
Waiting for you,
And stay until the threat of mankind has passed.

I will watch while the stars above fail to shine
Waiting for you,
Till the world has no sound left for me to define.

I will drown in the water that once was the sea
Waiting for you,
And sink to become a mere fossil of me.

I will freeze as the sun consumes its own fuel
Waiting for you,
And thaw in the heat of the cycle’s renewal.

I will float on the ether of all that’s bereft
Waiting for you,
And dance with the atoms of what there is left.

I will follow the imprint of God in the sky
Waiting for you,
And watch as he moulds a new Earth from his eye.

I will trace evolution as it flows once again
Waiting for you,
And hold every breath as it re-creates men.

I will pray it produces a worthier form
Waiting for you,
And smile when the beauty of Eve is re-born.

I will stay by the edge of this serpent-less world
Waiting for you,
And greet the arrival of your great herald.

I will wait for your age to grow into its prime,
Because for you
I have waited with love for all time.

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