Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I don’t need your nonsense as
I’ve got the people I love about me,
Around me, surviving me,
Rebounding off and surrounding fear;
To laze and leer along the shore.

Whomever advises you is lost,
Like most anyone you encounter.
Surely, some awareness could shine,
But doubtless not about time enough
To connect one conscious thought
With one definitive act.

Christ knows down which drain the life went,
But it must have led to a huge lake
Because the light has gone out up here,
And the dignity has been rendered, and
Meandered away dearly my love.

Certainly the sweetness of spring must be afforded somewhere,
Or maybe the fall has descended permanently. Baby who knows
Who is pulling the strings of things: not you or me or the
Friends we meet and know and cherish and love and hold up
High in the sight of God – whichever shape –
Be it man or Satan,
Or land or patents;
Whatever you think, it may just be you.
With the ephemeral inside outside outsourced
By mercurial people of absolutely no worth
Trying to rise up out of the mire they ventured into.

I do not need this, I need her and my house and my
Family and friends and my best man.

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