Thursday, 7 January 2010


All the thought that ever came into this
World came from fools like that.
Unfortunately we were not aware
Of who they were at the time and
Allowed ourselves to be consumed
By their remarkable convictions.

Did you ever know anything before you
Were old enough to analyse it correctly?
Or did you, like most, get hissed on
By the ever flowing mouths that loomed
Before you in your filth, and demanded
That you behaved this way or else.

I played the game, and I guess it was expected,
Although I was always a badly stowed vessel.
We are children - they are only children -
Come on, repeat the mantra that has been
Ingrained in our heads, and subsequently
Sprung from ours to our offspring’s.

They set it up so well, and it has remained
This way, and anything else is sacrilege.
That’s the party line - in a world where
Parties supposedly no longer exist - unlike
The previous incarnations where they did
But misrepresented their members.

So the accepted word is accepted without
My compliments or yours. Get it, good.
Never fill in all of the options offered,
But always sign and date the form correctly,
Otherwise you might not get anything but looks in
The street and be accused of something profane.

Sit down and think about it sweet thing
Because I’m telling you that you are all there is.
You are the prerogative, and only you and
The wisdom you have accumulated on your
Way from that place to this one matters,
Because that is the sum of all the numbers.

Tell it like you see it to be and not how you
Have been assigned or subscribed to it.
Your responsibilities lay in forever preserving
The fulfilment of the experience, and not in
The told to do so, pleased to be so, for what lies
Beyond is not nearly enough to warrant fear.

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