Thursday, 7 January 2010


What war did you fight in?
What’s more, did you win?
And if so are you sad
That the losers have never had
It so good.
You’re not a novice,
Or a lobbyist,
So why disappear in the face
Of the inept who waste
Others blood?

What peace did you secure?
Whose defeat you ensure?
Beating heathens out of holes,
And securing casting votes
You’re not a veteran,
Or a humanitarian;
Standing inside the surround
As creatures are blown,
And fall over.

What love did it cost?
What hurt you the most?
Time taken beyond the required,
Or the speed of your denial
Once more.
Not obviously old,
Nor age controlled;
Your moves undeterred,
Though your memory is stirred
By the score.

What hate did you sell?
What joy went as well?
In conclusion of your time
Has it all been assigned,
Or less vague?
Not increasingly young,
But fairer than some;
Much maligned, and more weary,
Misinformed and less wary
With age.

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