Thursday, 7 January 2010


Now the sky is empty;
Looking at the world
Without all the clouds around.
Is it any nearer?
Now it is unbound by your voice.
Is it any clearer?
Is it how you always
Thought that the world would sound?
It follows
That I will never know.

Breathing in the ether;
Stumbling through the trees
Without any sense of loss.
Is the price for real?
Dying for the cost of your life.
Is the blade annealed?
Is it harder than the
Burden of worshipping a cross?
It follows
That you will never know.

Now the earth is vacant,
More so because
Its substance was here on demand.
Is your question sure?
Maybe you can’t work out the cost.
Is the answer free?
And can we all endure
The price of release?
It follows
That we will never know.

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